Welcome to UDrive MSM Lesson Topics

UDrive MSM driving school, constantly strives to offer ‘added-value’ to students over and above that on offer from other driving schools. Our aim, and reputation, has always been to deliver quality driving lessons to reduce the number of lessons and costs associated with learning to pass the test.

With this in mind. UDrive is pleased to announce that we have added a number of, ‘Lesson Topics’ to the U Drive Pupil Portal , to help students recap on what they have learned on their previous driving lessons. The ‘Lesson Topics’ offer online additional tuition to further enhance their knowledge and driving skills in readiness for the next driving lesson.

UDrive prides itself in delivering high quality in car tuition, but we are also conscious it is quite difficult to remember the amount of information delivered by the instructors when first learning to drive. To help with this U Drive now offers students the extra learning facility of, online tuition reinforcing and increasing the level of learning on each lesson.

U Drive students will be given access to the learning hub between their lessons. This will accelerate the student learning skills, so on their next driving lesson they will be more knowledgeable and a safer learner. This should also benefit students in not needing as many driving lessons to get to test standard, saving money that could go towards buying a first car!

Whilst learning to drive the diving instructor they may suggest the student looks at a specific ‘Lesson Topic’ before the next lesson. This will increase the student’s knowledge before each lesson, reducing the amount of talking required prior to commencing the driving. This will give more actual driving time.

Students will be assessed on their driving in each syllabus completed, so students can see their progress:

  1. Syllabus Introduction.
  2. Added Student Support.
  3. Additional prompting still required.
  4. Skills developing well with little prompting required.
  5. Driving Skills on target for the Driving Test.

Once you are achieving passes in all 5 disciplines, you know you are ready to take a test and this will give added confidence on test day.

Your goal is to pass the Driving Test first time.

U Drive’s goal is to give you the knowledge and confidence to pass the Driving Test first time as a safe and responsible driver.